Creevy Cottages: Booking Terms & Conditions

Customer Name and address per booking confirmation. 

Date per booking. 

Here are the details of the property we can offer to you. Payment of your booking deposit will confirm acceptance of these conditions. Your booking deposit is a non-returnable once paid.

The full amount of the rent is per customer invoice, which is due 30 days before the start date of your holiday. We reserve the right to offer the property elsewhere if the rent is not paid by that date.

You will occupy the property as a holiday letting. This letter, together with the attached terms and conditions, constitutes your letting agreement. The terms are not negotiable, but we should be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Property: Creevy Cottages, The Rock or The Moor, Creevy, Rossnowlagh,  Co. Donegal, F94 F820 

Holiday dates: Per customer invoice

We are the Agents & Owner. You may contact us at the above address 

The Property is: the houses known as Creevy Cottages, one of which will be assigned to your booking prior to your arrival. 

Terms for a holiday lettingThe Moor, Creevy, Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal, F94 F820  & The Rock, Creevy, Rossnowlagh, Co.Donegal, F94 A371

The “Property” includes:

  1. the furniture, fixtures and fittings specified in the inventory;
  2. the use of any rights of access, path, drive, garden, any common parts and any other things reasonably necessary for the enjoyment of the property and which the Owner can grant.

The letting period is: [5.00 pm] on day of arrival per customer invoice to [11.00 am] on day of departure per customer invoice. 

The rent is: per customer invoice, all of which must be paid in advance as required by the Owner.

The maximum occupancy is: 4 adults

The booking deposit

  1. The Holiday Maker will pay a non-refunable booking deposit to the owner at time of booking against the cost to the Owner of any breach of this agreement.
  2. The booking deposit is non-refunable if at any time the booking is cancelled.  
  3. COVID Refund Policy: Due to COVID-19 Creevy Cottages will offer their guests a 100% refund if the Goverment instruct lock down measures in Co.Donegal or your residing area which prevent our customers from traveling to Donegal. Proof of address will be required if the goveement lock down is preventing you leaving your area (not required if Co.Donegal is in lock down preventing visitors entering).

The rental amount

  1. The cost of the rental (minus booking deposit) is to be paid 6 weeks in advance of your stay. Once paid this is non-refundable if you choose to cancel your stay. 

Holiday Makers promises

In this paragraph, a promise by the Holiday Maker not to do something also implies that the Holiday Maker will not allow anyone else to do that same thing. The Holiday Maker now promises that he will:

  1. keep the interior of the Property in clean and good repair and condition;
  2. clean and keep free from blockages and obstructions all baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns, drains, gutters, pipes, chimneys and the like;
  3. not dispose of “wet wipes”, disposable nappies or other items of personal hygiene down the lavatory;
  4. keep clean the carpets, curtains and all other items in the inventory;
  5. keep clean the insides of all windows and replace any which break for any reason;
  6. pay for any necessary repairs or replacement goods damaged during the letting period;
  7. use the Property only as a holiday home for no more people than the maximum occupancy stated above and will not operate a business at the property or use it for any improper, immoral or illegal purpose;
  8. not assign, sublet, charge or part with or share possession or occupation of all or part of the Property;
  9. not cause nuisance or annoyance to the Owner, other Holiday Makers or any neighbour;
  10. not change or remove any of the Owner’s furniture, fixtures and fittings or items on the inventory;
  11. not change or install any locks on any doors or windows nor have additional keys made for any locks without the prior written consent of the Owner;
  12. not keep or allow pets of any kind on the Property unless prior authorisation has been provided;
  13. report to the Owner any disrepair or defect in respect of the Property or the fixtures and fittings and report any failure of mechanical or electrical appliances;
  14. allow the Owner, his agent or contractors access to the Property at reasonable hours during the day, or to carry out urgent and unforeseen repairs or other works to the Property or to carry out maintenance of the appliances. The Owner will normally give at least [24 hours] notice but the Holiday Maker will give immediate access in an emergency;
  15. whenever the Property is left unattended, the Holiday Maker will fasten all locks to all doors and windows and activate any burglar alarm, to prevent unauthorised access to the Property.
  16. not to permit any persons from climbing on the walls or fencing as these may become dislodged
  17. supervise all guests during use of the Internal Fire Place and or Patio Log Burners / BBQ areas
  18. supervise all guests at all times during your visit on and off the premises


  1. The Owner will maintain whatever insurances he wishes against any risk relating to the property. He will not insure anything owned by the Holiday Maker.
  2. The Holiday Maker will not do, nor allow anyone else to do, anything that could adversely affect the Owner’s insurance of the Property.
  3. If the Holiday Maker does anything that prejudices the Owner’s insurance, he will be liable to the Owner for any resulting loss.

Holiday Maker’s departure

At the end of the tenancy the Holiday Maker will:

  1. immediately return all the keys of the Property to the Owner or comply with such arrangements for the return of the keys as the Owner reasonably suggests before the commencement of the tenancy;
  2. remove all personal effects and rubbish and leave the Property and the Owner’s fixtures and fittings in the same clean condition and state of repair as at the start of the tenancy, fair wear and tear excepted. Note that rubbish should be placed in the disposal bins located outside the property. Note: Any ash from the fire place should be disposed off only in the appropriate metal bin provided.  

Inventory check

  1. At the end of the Tenancy the Owner will check the inventory room by room. Any damage will be evidenced by photos.
  2. If the Owner is not satisfied as to the condition of a room or anything in it, the Owner may propose a a sum payable by the Holiday Maker, in order to put the matter right. The Owner must provide a written breakdown of any proposed sum.
  3. If the Holiday Maker does not agree to the sum claimed, the Owner will obtain a written quotation for the cost of rectification from a contractor not connected to him.
  4. The Owner must then provide copies of the quotation and the subsequent invoice to the Holiday Maker for payment in full. 


Owner and Management Company are not liable for personal injury or for damage to or loss of personal property in or about the premises, regardless of the cause of such injury, loss, or damage, including but not limited to interruption of utilities or other casualty or failure of appliances. Tenant, for self and for
Tenant’s guests, heirs, executors, administrators, approved successors, and assigns, hereby releases, relinquishes and discharges, and agrees to indemnify, protect and save harmless Owner and Management Company, their successors and assigns of and from any and all claims, demands, and liability for any injury to, including death of, persons (whether they be third persons, Tenant, or employees of the parties hereto or of third persons) caused by, growing out of, or happening in connection with, Tenant’s use and occupancy of the premises, fixtures, equipment, appliances, improvements and common areas located or to be located thereon, or by reason of any like or different casualty. In like manner and to the extent set forth in the preceding sentence Tenant agrees to exonerated and save harmless Owner and Management Company even though the claim, or loss or casualty is attributable to the negligence of Owner and/or Management Company. Tenant agrees to be responsible for insurance on personal property, contents and liability.

Creevy Cottages: Dog Policy

Our four legged friends really are part of our families, and as such we consider it important that you have the option to bring your pet dog with you on your break away.  To make your stay, and that of our other guests as comfortable as possible, acceptance of the below points will be required prior to your dog booking his/her place.

Up to 2 dogs are welcome, however prior agreement must be sought by management at the time of booking. 

Dogs that are aggressive, destructive or excessive barkers will not be permitted.

Dogs listed on the dangerous dogs list per the Control of Dogs Acts will not be permitted.

Dogs must have their own bedding, towels and bowls brought with them.  Furniture, bowls, plates and beds in the cottage are strictly for our human guests only.

Dog owners are fully responsible for all pet mess, inside and outside of the cottages.  This includes cleaning and disposal of all pet waste from the garden areas.  Any dog hair shed in the cottage must be cleaned up prior to your departure.

Dogs are not permitted into the bedroom areas of the cottages.  Please note, this does not apply to Registered Guide and Support Dogs, who are welcome in all areas of the cottages.

Dog owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs, this could be from biting, claws or any toileting accidents that happen inside.

Dogs are not to be left unattended alone in the property or garden at any times.  

Dogs must be on a lead at all times when outside.  The garden is not a secure area and as we neighbour farm land, it is imperative for the safety of all animals that your dog is under your control at all times.

It is presumed that your dog is up to date with all of its current vaccines and has received preventative treatment against ticks, worms and fleas.  You may be asked to provide evidence of this.