Creevy Cottages: Dog Policy

Our four legged friends really are part of our families, and as such we consider it important that you have the option to bring your pet dog with you on your break away.  To make your stay, and that of our other guests as comfortable as possible, acceptance of the below points will be required prior to your dog booking his/her place.

Dog Owners MUST ensure to check the garden areas and lift immediately dog waste both during your stay and a final check prior to departure.

Up to 2 dogs are welcome, however prior agreement must be sought by management at the time of booking.

Dogs that are aggressive, destructive or excessive barkers will not be permitted.

Dogs listed on the dangerous dogs list per the Control of Dogs Acts will not be permitted.

Dogs must have their own bedding, towels and bowls brought with them.  Furniture, bowls, plates and beds in the cottage are strictly for our human guests only.

Dog owners are fully responsible for all pet mess, inside and outside of the cottages.  This includes cleaning and disposal of all pet waste from the garden areas.  Any dog hair shed in the cottage must be cleaned up prior to your departure.

Dogs are not permitted into the bedroom areas of the cottages.  Please note, this does not apply to Registered Guide and Support Dogs, who are welcome in all areas of the cottages.

Dog owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs, this could be from biting, claws or any toileting accidents that happen inside.

Dogs are not to be left unattended alone in the property or garden at any times.  

Dogs must be on a lead at all times when outside.  The garden is not a secure area and as we neighbour farm land, it is imperative for the safety of all animals that your dog is under your control at all times.

It is presumed that your dog is up to date with all of its current vaccines and has received preventative treatment against ticks, worms and fleas.  You may be asked to provide evidence of this.